BGA Reballing

LIGHTSPEEDMFG provides quick-turn BGA Reballing services.

Ball Attach & Reballing

It's our specialty!

We're your best choice for rework, reballing, inspection, ECOs and upgrades, for BGA, CGA, µBGA, and other component types.

Our advanced BGA rework equipment includes a Nicolet X-ray inspection system, an Ersa Fiber Optic Inspection system, premium quality Metcal advanced soldering systems, ergonomic workstations, an SRT rework machine, and more!

No matter what your requirement may be, e.g., BGA rework and replacement, daughter card assembly, diagnostics, repair, inspection, and more - Lightspeed is your single best source for top-quality BGA services

  • Deball
  • Place Sphere
  • Reflow